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First Aid / CPR / AED Training Courses

The Standard CPR, AED, & First Aid course is a general workplace course for those who need CPR certification that also includes first aid for their job or to meet OSHA requirements. We are affiliated with CPR Training School Alpharetta for CPR, First Aid & AED. This course offers participants clear, easy to view videos, instructional updates, with a quick skills check out.

In these course, you’ll learn:

  • CPR & AED Certification 

  • Skills for treating choking and shock victims

  • A variety of first aid skills

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Preparing for this course:

Before you attend this education event, you must...

Upcoming First Aid / CPR / AED Training Courses

No upcoming events at the moment

CPR / AED Program Resources: 

Participants can purchase the Heartsaver Student Workbook. There are both the paperback version and e-book version available. The cost is about $3 plus taxes and shipping on the AHA website. Students can also consider the virtual training pack here prior to their first-step online session with AHA. 

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