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AWHONN Obstetric Patient Safety Courses

The Obstetric Patient Safety: Emergencies Workshop (OPS) is focused on hypertension disorders in pregnancy, postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), and maternal sepsis in accordance with the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare. Through a variety of lessons, this workshop will improve the clinician’s ability to respond and provide greater care for women to receive early, effective, and life-saving treatments for obstetric emergencies. 

Course goals: 

  • Demonstrate effective management for pregnant or postpartum women with hypertensive disorders

  • Demonstrate effective management for women who have excessive bleeding after giving birth

  • Demonstrate effective management for maternal sepsis

  • Role-play with a multidisciplinary team using simulation-based cognitive, behavioral, and technical learning strategies to practice management of postpartum hemorrhage

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Preparing for this course:

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Upcoming AWHONN Obstetric Patient Safety Courses

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AWHONN Obstetric Patient Safety Course Resources: 

Participants must purchase the OPS : Emergencies Workshop Student Materials. Student Materials, which contain presentation materials and skills station and simulation tools, must be purchased for each participant completing the classroom course. Materials cannot be shared or reused, as each resource contains a unique identification code that will allow each person to obtain a continuing education. The cost is $120.00 here is the link to purchase on website AWHONN - Product Details

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